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Saeed Torbati
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Saeed Torbati’s Entrepreneurs Should Do Daily To Remain Organized

An entrepreneur’s life often features a jam-packed schedule, loaded with numerous meetings, responsibilities and deadlines. Needless to say, with all of the details that need to be pored over and meticulously finalized, it can get overwhelming at times.

Saeed Torbati, a successful entrepreneur who manages the bulk of his time in either Toronto or Ottawa, Ontario, is all too familiar with the frenetic nature that accompanies this line of work.

After graduating with honors from the Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology in 2012, where he majored in Electromechanical Engineering Robotics, he was attracted to the sales industry.

Working as a sales representative in the green energy sector initially, Torbati later moved on to the green technology industry and finance, a decision that culminated in the formation of his own corporation.

He would further his education by earning an Associate’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Studies from the Harvard Business School.

Ontario Green Savings, one of the companies that he manages, was ranked 20th by the Canadian Business Journal in its feature entitled “Startup 50: Canada’s Top New Growth Companies 2019”.

To assist others in their efforts to remain organized, perhaps to the extent that he is, Saeed Torbati has released five daily habits that all entrepreneurs should master.

  1. Focus on Your Goals

Goals are the centerpiece of an entrepreneur’s planning, and they should be reviewed on a consistent basis. These goals will assist you in determining the vital aspects of a project, what is irrelevant and how you can proceed through the process. Keeping your goals in sight is a huge time saver for an entrepreneur, according to Saeed Torbati.

2. Delegate Tasks

Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of delegating duties, whether it is matters that they simply fail to enjoy or don’t perform particularly well, something that will increase cash flow, an obstacle that is preventing the business from growing further, easy assignments that are time-consuming or a specific exercise that you want a team member to learn. By delegating consistently, Saeed Torbati confirms that you will free yourself of handling rudimentary details and be better positioned to reach your ultimate goals.

3. Prioritize Your Work Properly

Do yourself a service and prioritize the demands of your business each day. Why get tied down by a minor detail when you’ve got more imposing issues to straighten out? Devise a ranking system for your list of priorities; that way, you can define the highly vital obligations and check them off first whenever you are unable to accomplish everything at once.

4. Manage Time Wisely

An entrepreneur should never become consumed with a single responsibility because it could easily interfere with separate parts of the business that also require your undivided attention. See if you can adhere to an agenda which has certain functions reserved for each day, with the hours also carefully managed. Although there will be moments when you must abandon the schedule due to unforeseen, last-second circumstances, distributing your time methodically will be beneficial in the long term to keep you on pace.

5. Utilize Apps

Regardless of your commitment level, electronic apps are invaluable for their ability to remind you of an appointment, update you with the status of a project, or provide you with convenient access to details when you’re out of the office. Saeed Torbati recommends that you take advantage of these apps that are widely available, as even the basic ones such as the calendar and notepad can be advantageous allies in your daily life.

Saeed Torbati concludes that remaining organized as an entrepreneur can be a struggle as you are being pulled in every direction. However, by following through with the tips above you can ensure that you remain on top of everything work can throw at you.



Saeed Torbati

A serial entrepreneur with 9 years of experience as a sales executive for large multi-billion dollar public companies.