vacOntario Green Savings Highlights 3 Reasons Why Getting an HVAC System Protection Plan is a Must

Saeed Torbati
4 min readDec 30, 2020


An HVAC is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system used in residential and commercial properties. With a wide range of benefits, individuals can experience improved airflow, temperature control, and enhanced energy efficiency.

However, as good of an investment as these systems are, it is also vital that home and business owners purchase the necessary protection plans. According to Ontario Green Savings, here are three reasons why:

  1. Repairing your HVAC system is more expensive than you probably think.

If you think that you might shell out a few bucks to take care of HVAC system repairs, then think again. Just getting a certified technician to visit and perform an in-house inspection will typically cost you anywhere from $150-$250 or more, and if you want same-day or next-day service then be prepared to pay a hefty premium. And once they diagnose the problem, brace for the impact of a repair bill that could be anywhere from $500 to over $2,000 depending on the scope. For example, according to, the average price tag for replacing a high-end blower motor (parts and labor) is $1250. An HVAC system protection plan helps you avoid a financial nightmare that can occur several times throughout the year.

“Homeowners also need to bear in mind that any repairs they pay for will not provide a warranty for the entire HVAC system,” commented Ontario Green Savings, a leading Smart Home Rental Program provider that serves thousands of customers across Canada in Ontario, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Quebec. “So that means if they pay for a new blower motor this month, then they won’t be covered if the thermostat fails next month.”

2. You cannot do all of the preventative maintenance yourself.

If you are a skilled DIYer, then you may be under the impression that you can safely and competently perform all of the preventative maintenance on your HVAC system yourself. Unless you also happen to be a certified and experienced HVAC technician, then you should not take the DIY route. Tasks such as examining all safety devices and electrical connections, inspecting the blower motor, calibrating the thermostat, cleaning outdoor and indoor coils, inspecting all moving parts, examining the heat exchanger chamber, checking the refrigerant, and the list goes on — you will need an expert.

According to the professionals at Ontario Green Savings, “HVAC systems are extremely complex and have a multitude of integrated mechanical components. Maintenance is not a DIY project. It is also not something that only takes a few minutes. Proper and comprehensive can take a couple of hours, or even longer if issues need further inspection and testing.”

3. An HVAC system protection plan is much cheaper than you imagine.

You may be sold on the benefits of an HVAC system protection plan because you wisely want to save thousands of dollars in repair bills and want an expert to maintain your system. But despite these advantages, you may be hesitant to move ahead because you are worried that a protection plan will cost too much.

Fortunately, the reality is quite different and far more affordable. For example, you can purchase a maintenance-only plan for about $15 a month or get comprehensive whole-home protection — including surge protection for all of your appliances and electronics — for about $100 a month. Considering that thunderstorms or power outages can obliterate a $2,000 fridge and $1,500 computer in a matter of seconds, it is certainly a shrewd investment.

“Homeowners don’t have to pay for more coverage than they need, want, or can afford,” commented a spokesperson from Ontario Green Savings, which enables customers to choose from an array of plans to suit their lifestyle and budget. “Plus, according to, replacing an old HVAC unit with one that has earned the Energy Star label can reduce heating and cooling costs by 20 percent, and it will also be much more environmentally-friendly.”

The Bottom Line

If you have been on-the-fence about buying an HVAC system protection plan, then do your budget, your peace of mind, and the environment a big favor: sign-up now while you can vs. later when it may be too late.



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